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Library seperation

Stuart Axon
I thought I'd start this thread so we can work out what we want to do with
library seperation.

Some questions:
Libraries that don't call into shoebot/nodebox:
- Should this be a seperate package(s) ? - it would be useful for people using
plain python who don't want all the shoebot/nodebox specific stuff.

Libraries that call into shoebot/nodebox:
- I guess to start with these could go into a shoebot namespace, how should we
handle this later on if we want to share with nodebox.
(most of these are libraries from nodebox after all)

- Should these be one big library, or lots of little libraries.
(I know somebody has already packaged nodebox-web for ubuntu).

In the end it would be good if we could even move the platform nonspecific parts
of paths out of the core package, as I can see them being useful elsewhere (and
we could share more between the different implementations).


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